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About Aquilia HR Solutions

AQUILIA HR SOLUTIONS is a platform managed by an internationally experienced team of multidisciplinary professionals.

Our aim is to help all professions in the healthcare sector – from medical, nursing, and therapeutic staff to technical and administrative personnel – to find their individual career path in order to achieve better career developments, both on a professional and personal level.

AQUILIA HR SOLUTIONS is committed to supporting people in the healthcare system and ensuring that this journey is as smooth and safe as possible and that the best decisions for employers and employees can be made on this pathway.

We work with the leading clinically certified and accredited healthcare providers in many countries, as well as with numerous reputable universities. We have also built an international network of partners over the years.

In addition to the professional career, criteria such as the ideal place to live and the personally preferred environment play a role in reconciling work and private life.

It is our understanding that the process of moving to another country or even just another location, finding a suitable job, and exploring new national and international opportunities can be very challenging, time-consuming, costly, and stressful. It is therefore important to us that we support the healthcare professionals during these challenging times.

Our Goals

It is our goal to improve the dialogue between people in healthcare and their employers.

We are convinced that an encounter between employers and employees on the same level is a key success factor in a modern healthcare ecosystem.

However, we also know that entrepreneurial necessities on the part of employers as well as individual professional needs and wishes on the part of employees should play an equally important role.

It is our mission to show all professional groups who work in the healthcare sector and also those people who would like to get involved in the healthcare sector opportunities in terms of their professional and personal development.

We want to support employers in making better use of their HR potential. That’s why we enable employers to identify opportunities on a national and international level. This helps them to design their HR management systems in a way that meets the collective and individual demands of a modern healthcare system.

Our core values

From the point of view of AQUILIA HR SOLUTIONS, it is no longer sufficient to merely receive and forward CVs.

We, therefore, implement skills and methods to fully understand the candidate’s career pathway on an individual level and to find the optimal solution for both the employee and employer.

Therefore, we offer our clients added value through mentoring, guidance, and advice at every step of the recruitment process. In doing so, we observe the following principles:

  • We accompany and support healthcare professionals in terms of a life-work balance in their career planning.
  • We open doors for professional development and education at home and abroad.
  • Our individual solutions are based on our experience in (inter)national healthcare systems and on a strong, professional network.

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